Pakistan Aims to Boost UAE’s Knowledge – Based Economy with Skilled Workforce

Pakistan’s ambition to export a skilled workforce, particularly in IT, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signals a strengthening of bilateral ties and aligns with the UAE’s pursuit of a knowledge-based economy. With a substantial Pakistani diaspora already in the UAE and increasing demand for skilled professionals, this collaboration holds great promise for both nations’ economic growth.

Fostering Stronger Ties:

Pakistan’s ambassador to the UAE, Faisal Niaz Tirmizi, highlighted the pivotal role Pakistani nationals have played in the UAE’s development. Emphasizing the need to deepen the ties further, Pakistan aims to supply a more skilled workforce to meet the growing demand for expertise in the UAE’s various sectors.

IT Sector – A Key Focus:

With a strong emphasis on the IT sector, Pakistan seeks to capitalize on its growing pool of skilled IT professionals. As the UAE endeavors to become a knowledge-based economy, there is an increasing need for AI and machine learning experts to drive innovation and technological advancement.

Unleashing Tourism Potential:

Apart from IT, Pakistan sees its tourism sector as an untapped opportunity. The country’s rich historical and religious sites, such as holy places of Buddhism and Hinduism, hold the potential to attract a significant number of tourists, further boosting economic ties between Pakistan and the UAE.

Strengthening Bilateral Relations:

Recent communication between Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan reflects the robust bilateral relationship. The UAE’s financial support of $1 billion further exemplifies the strong ties between the two countries.

Path to Enhanced Cooperation – Cepa Progress:

Efforts are underway to finalize the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (Cepa), aiming to foster closer economic cooperation and enhance trade between Pakistan and the UAE. Both nations are optimistic about reaching an agreement soon.

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Pakistan’s proactive approach to exporting a skilled workforce to the UAE is a strategic move that holds tremendous potential for both nations. By capitalizing on the IT sector and unleashing tourism potential, Pakistan seeks to contribute significantly to the UAE’s knowledge-based economy. The strengthening of bilateral ties, financial support, and progress on the Cepa agreement all signify a promising future for economic collaboration and growth between Pakistan and the UAE.

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