Abu Dhabi Aims for 5,000 New Healthcare Jobs for UAE Nationals by 2025

The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi (DoH) has unveiled an ambitious initiative to create 5,000 job opportunities in the healthcare sector for UAE nationals by 2025. With a focus on increasing Emiratisation rates, the DoH is calling on healthcare facilities in Abu Dhabi to retain and recruit more Emirati staff. This endeavor aims to empower local talent, contribute to the growth of the healthcare system, and establish Abu Dhabi as a global leader in healthcare.

Enhancing Emiratisation in Medical Professions:

The DoH’s initiative centers around improving Emiratisation rates in medical professions. This includes doctors, nursing staff, and extended healthcare professionals. By prioritizing the employment of UAE nationals in these vital roles, the DoH seeks to create a sustainable healthcare workforce and enhance the overall quality of healthcare services provided in Abu Dhabi.

Empowering Emiratis in Administrative Roles:

In addition to medical professions, the DoH is also targeting Emiratisation rates in administrative roles within healthcare facilities. This includes positions in information technology, human resources, accounting, finance, and legal sectors. By encouraging Emirati nationals to fill these roles, the DoH aims to build a diverse and talented workforce that supports the efficient operation of healthcare institutions.

Collaboration with Healthcare Providers:

To achieve the Emiratisation targets, the DoH is working closely with healthcare providers in Abu Dhabi. By fostering collaboration and sharing best practices, the department aims to assist facilities in meeting the set goals. The “Nafis” initiative, with its dedicated platform for identifying Emirati citizens seeking healthcare employment, will be instrumental in connecting qualified individuals with suitable opportunities.

Support from the Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council:

The Emirati Talent Competitiveness Council has expressed support for the DoH’s efforts to increase Emiratisation rates. The council recognizes the significance of providing a supportive work environment for Emirati nationals, particularly within the healthcare sector. This initiative not only creates job opportunities but also strengthens the overall competitiveness of Emirati talent, aligning with broader goals of enhancing Emirati participation in the private sector.


Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health is determined to create 5,000 new job opportunities for UAE nationals in the healthcare sector by 2025. Through increased Emiratisation rates, the department aims to empower local talent, drive the growth of the healthcare system, and solidify Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a global healthcare destination. By collaborating with healthcare providers and leveraging initiatives like “Nafis,” the DoH is committed to supporting Emirati nationals in securing meaningful careers within the healthcare industry.

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