Dubai Introduces Mandatory Employee Protection Insurance for Worker Welfare

As of August 2023, Dubai South, through the Dubai Aviation City Corporation (DACC), has introduced a groundbreaking measure to protect the rights of workers in the region—the Employee Protection Insurance program. This mandatory scheme provides comprehensive insurance coverage for all licensees registered under the Dubai Aviation City Corporation, offering a safety net for employees facing unpaid salaries, end-of-service gratuities, repatriation costs, and other crucial benefits.

Addressing Employer Obligations

The main purpose of the Employee Protection Insurance program is to ensure employers fulfill their obligations towards their workforce. By adopting this insurance scheme, companies operating within Dubai South guarantee that their employees’ interests are safeguarded, even in challenging circumstances.

Mandatory for New Visas and Renewals

Starting from August 2023, the Employee Protection Insurance program becomes mandatory for all new employment visas and work permits issued under the Dubai Aviation City Corporation. Existing visa holders will also be required to have this insurance coverage during the renewal of their residency permits, further reinforcing the commitment to worker welfare within the region.

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A Multifaceted Safety Net

The Employee Protection Insurance program acts as a comprehensive safety net for workers in diverse industries within Dubai South. Among its primary benefits, the scheme covers unpaid salaries, ensuring employees do not suffer financially due to employer non-compliance. Additionally, the insurance addresses end-of-service gratuities, crucial for providing long-term financial stability to workers upon completing their tenure. Moreover, the program extends repatriation cost coverage, offering reassurance to employees who may need to return to their home countries for personal reasons.

Dubai South and the Dubai Aviation City Corporation

Dubai South plays a pivotal role in Dubai’s aviation infrastructure, comprising Dubai International and Dubai World Central (DWC) Airports, along with the Dubai South development. As the licensing and regulatory body for over 4,200 companies operating within its jurisdiction, the Dubai Aviation City Corporation holds a significant responsibility in maintaining industry standards and protecting workers’ rights.


Dubai’s mandatory Employee Protection Insurance program, introduced through Dubai South and the Dubai Aviation City Corporation, marks a significant step in safeguarding workers’ rights and holding employers accountable for their obligations. This comprehensive coverage initiative ensures a fair and secure work environment, setting a positive example for worker welfare worldwide.

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