UAE Businesses Embrace AI for Growth: 83% Ready to Integrate Generative AI

In a recent survey conducted by Coursera in collaboration with YouGov, it was found that 83% of businesses in the UAE are prepared to embrace generative AI for future growth and success. The study covered more than 500 business leaders in the region, shedding light on their willingness to integrate generative AI into their operations and their belief that it will reshape their customer offerings or business operations within the next three years.

Positive Outlook: AI’s Crucial Role in Business Growth

The survey unveiled a positive outlook, with a staggering 85% of business leaders expressing their confidence in the transformative power of AI. They firmly believe that generative AI will play a pivotal role in reshaping their operations, driving innovation, and propelling growth in the coming years.

Addressing Concerns: Bridging the AI Skills Gap

Despite the enthusiasm for AI adoption, concerns were also raised by UAE business leaders. Job displacement, data privacy, and the lack of transparency in decision-making emerged as key challenges in the integration of AI. To address these concerns and foster a skilled workforce, companies are keen to leverage online training opportunities to upskill their employees in the realm of AI.

AI’s Impact on the UAE Economy

The UAE’s proactive approach toward AI innovation and investment is expected to fuel significant economic growth. With AI projected to contribute close to 14% of the nation’s GDP by 2030, the country is set to capitalize on the transformative potential of generative AI, making significant strides in technological advancements and positioning itself as a global AI player.


As UAE businesses embrace the potential of generative AI, they demonstrate a strong commitment to staying ahead in the fast-evolving landscape of AI technology. By embracing AI, addressing concerns, and upskilling the workforce, the UAE paves the way for a promising AI-driven future, one that redefines business operations, customer offerings, and overall growth in the region. With a clear vision and strategic focus, the UAE positions itself as a trailblaze

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