Expats Thrive in the UAE: Job Opportunities and Quality of Life Shine, Reveals InterNations Survey

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has emerged as a prime destination for expats, as a recent survey conducted by InterNations highlights the country’s allure. This article explores the survey findings, showcasing the abundant job opportunities, enviable quality of life, and various factors that contribute to the UAE’s appeal for expatriates.

Job Opportunities: Independence and Attraction

Independent Job Seekers: The survey reveals that 32% of expats in the UAE Jobs found employment on their own, underscoring the opportunities available to those who proactively pursue job prospects.

Hiring from Abroad: Another significant finding is that 17% of expats were recruited from overseas, showcasing the UAE’s global appeal.

Strong Rankings: Career Prospects and Quality of Life

Career Prospects: The UAE clinched the second spot in the survey’s rankings of countries with attractive career prospects. This demonstrates the country’s ability to foster professional growth and advancement for expatriates.

Quality of Life: Expats in the UAE enjoy a desirable standard of living, as the country secured the fourth position for quality of life. Safety, security, and high-quality education contribute to the UAE’s attractiveness, particularly for high-net-worth individuals seeking a better lifestyle.

A Haven for High-net-worth Individuals

Seeking Safety and Education: The survey found that 7% of expats relocated to the UAE in search of a safer environment and better educational opportunities for their families. The country’s reputation for safety, security, and exceptional education makes it an enticing prospect for affluent individuals.

Thriving Expat Experience

Leisure and Culinary Delights: Expats in the UAE relish the vast array of culinary options, propelling the country’s ranking to sixth place in the leisure activities category. The cultural diversity and vibrant nightlife also add to the overall appeal.

Transportation Infrastructure: While public transportation availability slightly exceeds the global average, the UAE stands out with its top-ranked infrastructure for cars. Expats express high satisfaction with the transportation facilities.

Safety, Security, and Healthcare: The UAE garners positive ratings for safety, ranking ninth overall, and secures the tenth position for healthcare services. These factors contribute to expats feeling secure and well-supported in the country.


The InterNations survey confirms the UAE’s status as a top destination for expatriates, combining prosperous job opportunities, a high standard of living, and a range of appealing factors. The UAE’s second-place ranking for career prospects and fourth-place ranking for quality of life underscores its position as an attractive hub for expats seeking professional growth and an improved lifestyle. As the UAE continues to evolve and position itself as a favorable expat destination, expatriates can expect job independence, safety, diverse culinary experiences, and strong infrastructure. These findings serve as valuable insights for individuals considering opportunities in the UAE’s diverse and vibrant landscape.

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